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CSS Styling

Global styles

We need them! Let’s create a new file, in src/routes/global.css:

And add something classic, such as:

html {
	background-color: darkolivegreen;

This will eventually change our app’s background color to… a dark olive green! Only problem is, we’re not using this CSS file anywhere in our project.

Let’s open src/routes/+page.svelte and add a script tag at the top, to import our global.css:

<script lang="ts">
	import '../global.css'

<h1>Welcome to SvelteKit</h1>

As soon as we save, our app’s background will change! Our SvelteKit dev server pushes changes as needed to quickly see the results of our new code.

An unfortunate side-effect of our lovely new background color, is that our text is almost unreadable. Let’s fix that by adding a color property to our html selector!

html {
	background-color: darkolivegreen;
	color: ivory;

Again, our app updates on save, and we can see again! Feel free to pick a color combo you like.

Layouts with SvelteKit


Scoped styles

You may also know them as CSS Modules


We love it! My video Tailwind with SvelteKit: How to setup + bonus tips may be from late 2021, but still applies today 😄